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Cad engineering

USO provides full in house CAD Design capability for any size project.  We have the capability of taking the General Arrangement and produce a comprehensive engineering package submittal.     
The Engineering package incorporates all of the components and includes the following:

  • Insulation Package 

  • Bulkhead Panel System 

  • Ceiling System 

  • Bathroom Modules 

  • Custom Furniture 

  • Marine Joiner Doros  (A, B OR C-CLASS)

  • Galley Equipment and Stainless Steel Cabinets and Cupboards 

  • Cold Store Rooms 

  • Windows and Portholes 

  • Weathertight and Watertight doors 

  • Decking System 

  • Detailed Elevation 

  • 3-D Rendition of Areas 

With our 3D rendition of areas our clients are affored the opportunity to preview the space prior to any construction and the added assurance that every aspect of the layout will fit their intended design and funtion.  



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