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galley equipment

USO specializes in design and fabrication of  Custom Stainless Steel  cabinets and supply of Food Service Equipment and installations.  Our technicians are experienced in all aspects of  USPH & CDC Regulations and our installations are in full conformity to their strict standards.


Our Services incldue:

  • Stainless Steel Bulhead and Ceiling System

  • Custome Fabricated Stainless STeel Cabinets and Cupboards

  • Marine Stainless Steel Equipment

  • Galley Hood with Fire Supression System

  • Custom Cold Provision Chambers 

  • Cooking and Prepration Equipment 

  • Galley and Serving Line

  • Wet Area Flooring System

We only utilize epoxy flooring system for all of thee wet areas, epoxy underlayment, epoxy adhesive and epoxy grout.  This ensures a water tight deck which translates into long lassting and maintenenace free deck for years.

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