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USO provides complete Engineered Packages for your Projects.  Provide us with your General Arrangement and we will deliver a complete integrated Accommodation Joiner Package. 


The Accommodaiton Joiner Package consists of:


  • Complete Enineered submittal package ready for ABS/USCG

  • Bulkhead Panel System (25MM, 50MM, 110MM{A-60}

  • Ceiling System

  • Pre Farbricated Bthroom Modules (available in knock down form)

  • Joiner Door, A, B & C Class

  • Funiture- Wodd, Metal, or Aluminum Honeycomb

  • Weathertight Doors (Stainless Steel or Aluminum) 

  • Watertight and QA Watertight Doors

  • Sliding Watertight Door

  • Windows and Portholes

  • Custom Window Casement

  • Stainless Steel Galley Cabinets 

  • Galley Eqipment 

  • Laundry Equipment

  • Cold Store Room (Walk-in Cooler and Freezer)

  • Custom Pilot House Consoles 

  • Pilot House Helmsman Chairs

  • Dumbwaiter

  • Raised Floor System

  • Hand Rail System

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